Mixer Console STUDER Vista 6

The mixing console Studer Vista 6, in the OB van, enables over 50 motor faders and 6 layers. It is fitted with 3 digital Studer stage boxes, which are connected over fibre optics and provide together the possibility of mixing more than 104 microphone or line signals from the recording. Through the combination of fibre optic connections and Studer microphone pre-amplifiers direct at the point of recording, a noiseless transfer of the signal is guaranteed.

With 64 AES In and Out, the digital equipment is connected with the mixing console.

The Vistonics service concept from Studer makes it possible to quickly change all parameters. Inserts are possible on every channel. 4 master and max 16 mono aux and 16 Stereo aux are among the standard equipment of Vista 6, as well as signal slowing, compression and EQ, As well as mixing in Stereo, mixing in 5.1 Surround is also no problem for the Studer Vista 6.

Decide for yourself on the quality and audio sensation of STUDER Vista 6. back