Studer Stage Boxes

Our digital stage boxes are from Studer. We work with 2 stage boxes, each with 40 microphones In and 16 return channels.

A further digital stage box is configured for the connection of 2x ADAT In / Out and 32 line In as well as 32 line Out.

All three stage boxes are connected via fibre optic cables with lengths between 200 and 300m, and need only an AC socket connection at the recording site.

Through the complete digital connection of the microphones via the digital stage box and digital Multicore (fibre optics), common signal losses and signal noises, as seen in the analogue system, belong to the past.

To be more flexible we have installed a 140m long analogue Multicore with a further 24 Microphone channels. As a microphone pre-amplifier we use the RME Octamic II.