112 Channel Recording System Samplitude Pro X / DA-X Audio PC

In the OB van a PC based recording system is installed. Through the newest RME MADI FX card, we are able to record two streams with a total of 112 tracks, and also a 64-channel stream, and/or on the mixing console to playback.
We use Samplitude as a recording programme. Playback of all the tracks on the mixing console is also possible with no problem. The audio PC is usable straight from the seat of the sound master. Connections like USB 3.0 and FireWire are standard.

The audio PC is equipped with a 250 GB SSD hard drive, so that it works extremely quietly and reliably with the 6 Intel processors and 16 GB working memory.

To always have the correct picture and sound for television productions, the Ü3 uses a Bonsaidrive, which records the transmitted picture as well as a time code.

A synchronised dubbing is therefore not available. back.