Digital Effect Equipment and Peripheral Equipment

Also with the use of peripheral equipment in the OB van we stay completely on the digital level. So there are absolutely no format changes, which could influence the final product.

As well as a Lexicon 480L and a Lexicon 300, other multi-effect instruments from TC Electronics are available.

The OB-Van Ü3 also commands three mastering compressors, a TC finaliser 96k, a TC finaliser 48k, and Waves L2.

As a master limiter we use the four channel Jünger B41, which can limit 2 stereo hums at the same time.

Other digital effect equipment and peripheral equipment:

  • 1 x Tascam CD 500 with Faderstart
  • 2 x Tascam CD RW4U CD-Recorder
  • 1 x Sony PCM R700 DAT Recorder
  • 1 x Sony PCM R500 DAT Recorder
  • 1 x Bonsaidrive 10 track Audio / 1x componente video recorder
  • Option Tascam DV-RA 1000HD
  • Option Lexicon 960 L